I wish I could introduce all of you to our friend Mildred.  She was a bright spirit, always with a smile.  Mildred was a client, as well as a devoted volunteer who was always willing to help New Horizons in any way we needed.   While on occasion she might make a monetary donation, she was not a woman of financial wealth, although she was rich in good friends and spent much of her time doing things for others.  In the past year, Mildred passed from this world.  While we were all deeply saddened

September 28, 2018

Wheelchair Tennis at Wimbledon

Just when you think adaptive sports can’t get any better, we see a tennis match at Wimbledon played in wheelchairs. Check out this game from the Best Rallies of Wimbledon 2018 video and leave your comments!

November 1, 2017

Becoming Disabled

Not long ago, a good friend of mine said something revealing to me: “I don’t think of you as disabled,” she confessed.

I knew exactly what she meant; I didn’t think of myself as disabled until a few decades ago, either, even though my two arms have been pretty significantly asymmetrical and different from most everybody else’s my whole life.

My friend’s comment was meant as a compliment, but followed a familiar logic — one that African-Americans have noted when their well-meaning

From a non-conformist teenager to a successful career woman with her own business, disability blogger Kelly Perks-Bevington talks to Disability Horizons about how her disability hasn’t impacted on her accomplishments. Let me start this piece by thanking Disability Horizons for approaching me, and for taking the time to painstakingly read my rambling blogs about my life, my career and everything in between (if you fancy having a read, scroll to the bottom of the article for a link to my blog). I’ve admired Disability Horizons for a while – it’s current, informative and it doesn’t patronise. When approached to write this piece, I was