To assist All people with any disability across Northern Arizona to live the most independent, self-directed life possible, while educating the general public on the needs and issues surrounding people with disabilities.


It is New Horizons Disability Empowerment Center vision to provide services and advocacy to ALL people with disabilities. We believe that with determination, a good attitude, and training, people with disabilities can learn the skills necessary to thrive and live independently in our community.

New Horizons Disability Empowerment Center strives to provide the opportunities and services that enable people to:

  • Get To Where They Are Going 
  • Get The Job Training They Need (Link training page)
  • Be A Part Of Advocacy Groups (link to advocacy page)
  • Be A Part of a Peer to Peer Group
  • Get In Shape: (Link to Sports and Fitness)
  • Get Computer Training: (Link to computer lab)
  • Stay Connected With The Community (Link to Social Media)
  • Get Involved (Link to volunteer pages)


We believe that all people are deserving of dignity and respect.

We are committed to focusing on our consumers abilities.

We strive to collaborate with community partners for the good of all people.

We are accepting of all viewpoints and are open to new ideas from within the organization, from our clients, and from our community partners.

We work to fill unmet needs for people with disabilities.

We work with integrity and transparency in all we do.


NHDEC is a NPO, 501c(3) charitable organization and we are grateful to receive funds from many sources, including: individuals, businesses, private and public foundations, Area Agency on Ageing-NACOG, Arizona DES, Rehabilitation Services Administration, ADOT, Federal Govt/Title 7, and more. Your support is needed and appreciated! NHDEC acknowledges Pacific ADA Center, NIDRR and NIDLRR sponsorship, and the Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Community Living.