Community Leadership Academy

By: Joan Baum, Director of Program Services

New Horizons Disability Empowerment Center (NHDEC) is proud to announce its Fall CLA Course. With over 50 million Americans identifying as having a disability, it is becoming increasingly important that this segment has more of a voice. Our Community Leadership Academy is a FREE 6-week course. This course presents participants with information covering a brief history of the Independent Living Movement, the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act), the IL Network and Centers as well as knowledge about the services they provide, along with the opportunities available to become more involved in system-wide efforts to protect the rights of people with disabilities. This curriculum gives participants (disabled, caregivers or friends) the opportunity to discover their own personal goals related to independent living, community engagement possibilities and participation in the IL movement and even learn about Robert’s Rules of Order. We welcome anyone with an interest in helping to create an impact in their community. Call for more info!

For more information on CLA
Call (928)7721266 ext. 113

Remembering Our Friend Mildred

I wish I could introduce all of you to our friend Mildred.  She was a bright spirit, always with a smile.  Mildred was a client, as well as a devoted volunteer who was always willing to help New Horizons in any way we needed.   While on occasion she might make a monetary donation, she was not a woman of financial wealth, although she was rich in good friends and spent much of her time doing things for others. 

In the past year, Mildred passed from this world.  While we were all deeply saddened by this loss, she left us something to remember her by.  When Mildred passed, we found that she had remembered New Horizons Disability Empowerment Center in her estate plan and left a portion of her estate to New Horizons and another local charity. 

What a wonderful way to make an impact that lasts for generations.  Again, Mildred was not wealthy by any account, however once her estate is settled, and the monies come to NHDEC, we plan to create a special fund in her honor.  A memorial fund that will continue to help others in her name, for many years.  I would like to hold Mildred up as an example of how a little forethought can make a BIG difference.  Just consider the MANY ways you can give your final gift to the world.  Please consider having an estate plan that would include New Horizons DisAbility Empowerment Center here in Prescott Valley, as a recipient.   If you have questions, please give me a call at New Horizons and I will personally talk you through a couple options.

David Seigler, Executive Director

Wheelchair Tennis at Wimbledon

Just when you think adaptive sports can’t get any better, we see a tennis match at Wimbledon played in wheelchairs. Check out this game from the Best Rallies of Wimbledon 2018 video and leave your comments!

Adaptive Golf Clinic – Sept. 26, 27