General: I want my gift to be used where it is most needed.

Transportation: Giving to New Horizons’ transportation program will increase our ability to provide much needed mobility for our disabled community in Central and Northern Arizona.

Sports and Fitness: Giving to New Horizons’ Sports and Fitness Center will help our staff procure better equipment that can serve our disabled community live a more healthy and independent life.

Support Groups: Help New Horizons create new disability related support groups with your donations. Every type of disability creates hardships for the people who have them and finding support can not only save lives, but lead to a stronger and more mentally healthy community.

Peer to Peer Counseling: Support New Horizons Peer to Peer counseling efforts. Ever dollar given will translate directly to face to face time between our trained advocates and people seeking the knowledge and help they need to overcome even the most severe disabilities.

Veterans Service Center: New Horizons has collaborated with the American Legion of Prescott Valley to create a veterans service center. Every dollar donated will create opportunities for veterans to reintegrate smoothly into our community and get the help they need to overcome any obstacles.

In-Home Health Care: New Horizons In-Home Health Care program is ensuring that people with disabilities are being taken care of every day. Every dollar donated to this program decreases the overall cost to our clients, many of whom are from low income families. Every dollar donated will be used to lower this program’s overhead so we can charge our clients less.